Our Mission

Black Canyon Heritage Park (BCHP) provides visitors with a variety of experiences to arouse curiosity and to instill a sense of discovery and stewardship for the area's outstanding cultural, historical, recreational, and environmental riches.

We have these guidelines and rules for the park to protect our wildlife and plants and encourage respectful behavior.  For now "Pets are NOT allowed" largely due to the very few people who refused to abide by the park rule to keep pets on leash (which is also a county ordinance and state statute).  Our pond has endangered native fish and our native vegetation has nesting birds plus other wildlife. It is our mission to protect them. Loose pets that plunge into the pond or otherwise disturb the wildlife are a threat to that mission. We hope most people understand that ... or help us devise another solution.


  • Please be considerate of other visitors and local neighbors.

  • Do not alter any part of the property.

  • Pets are NOT allowed.

  • Stay on designated trail.
    • No person is allowed in stream.
    • No vehicles are allowed beyond the parking lot.

  • Help us keep the grounds clean.
    • All tables and benches used must be cleaned and wiped.
    • All trash must be placed in appropriate receptacles.
    • Cigarette butts are trash.  Please dispose of them properly.

  • Hunting, fishing, handling, harassing, or disturbing the wildlife is not permitted.
    • Do not feed the fish, birds, or other wildlife at any time. 
    • Do not throw rocks, or anything else, into the pond.

  • No overnight camping permitted unless approved by the Park Management.

  • Minors must be accompanied at a ratio of one adult to every 10 minors.

  • ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES are RESTRICTED unless consumed with FOOD and there is more food than alcohol present.

If you would like to make a reservation for a group event,
please contact the management at (623) 374-5282 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..